Welcome To Your World of Relationships

DITYConnection – Do IT Yourself Connection

It’s a blog that shares the experiences of people including me as person in crowd about Connection.

I am going to bring out every aspects and sides of every Connection from mom and kid to stranger to stranger.

The main agenda of starting this blog is knowing about the Connection of all kind and start-end.

Everyday life we might meet new people without knowing anything about them but after hearing their story you might learn something from them.

No one is perfect in this world. Everyone may have weaknesses. For example I may get carried away with things easily. Some people might like it or not. You just need to accept the way you are.

I am not here to judge anyone out in world. I am here to bring out every aspect of relations of life.

What are the ups n downs of it and how’s life goes in and after a relations goes for toss and how people be after it.